The 53rd International Roshd Film Festival - Guidelines, and Implementation Method

The Organization for Research and Educational Planning, Ministry of Education, is organizing the 53rd International Roshd Film Festival with the following objectives:

  • Identification and promotion of the best educational, scientific, and developmental film productions to create an environment and platform for guiding these productions at national and international levels, supporting virtue-oriented religious and ethical education.

  • Artistic and educational support for the education and learning movement.

  • Creating a platform for the empowerment and developmental enhancement of the artistic and educational capacities of teachers and student filmmakers.

  • Encouraging innovation and creativity and raising the quality level of educational, scientific, and developmental films.

  • Special attention to schools and their educational processes as essential institutions for shaping civilization and educating future generations to address global issues.

Festival Themes

The International Roshd Film Festival is not limited to a specific theme. Any film with any subject matter that can present valuable insights into the concepts and facts of the world in an engaging and experiential way to the audience of this festival will be considered a worthy contribution to this event.

Festival Sections
A) International

In this section, films and works created by those concerned with education and development issues are accepted, provided they portray issues related to the school institution, religious and ethical education, and virtue-oriented themes in their content and narrative style.

B) Filmmaking Teachers (Domestic)

In this section, works created by active teachers (regardless of employment type) or retired teachers are accepted.

C) Student Filmmakers (Domestic)

In this section, works produced by students selected by the Educational and Cultural Assistant of the Ministry of Education (Farda) will be accepted. Films selected in other specialized student film festivals or submitted independently, if they meet the necessary criteria, will also be accepted.

Special Sections

(The awards in this section are not limited to the domestic film submissions and will be awarded to all international entries.)

  1. School; The Origin of Advancement in Iranian-Islamic Civilization and a Source of Inspiration for the World.

In this section, works that introduce a fresh perspective to schools as a key institution for shaping the educational activities in the world and global thinking are examined and appreciated.

  1. Special Teacher Award

This section awards works that focus on the honor and status of teachers and the acknowledgment of their contributions.

  1. The Sacrifice and Selflessness Award

In this section, awards will be presented to works that emphasize the concepts of sacrifice, selflessness, devotion to the homeland, and risking one's life for the life and safety of others. The festival secretary in each cycle selects a specific figure or example as the symbol of this special award. For this edition, the award will be dedicated to individuals who advocate for the rights of children, with a particular focus on supporting and defending them.

  1. Awards for Institutions and Organizations

In each annual event, the Festival's Policy-Making Council will select recipients for the awards from among the supporters, such as ministries, international organizations, agencies, government and non-government organizations, and institutions. The topics eligible for the supporters' awards in the 53rd edition are:

Family and Youth of the Society

Cultural, Entrepreneurship, and Cooperative Activities

Connection of Prayer, Mosque, and School

Social Harms with an Emphasis on Safeguarding Children's Rights

Social Harms in the Virtual Space

Work Formats

Narrative (Short/Feature)

Documentary (Short/Feature)

Animation (Short/Feature)

Screenplay (Farsi only)


In the closing ceremony of the festival, the selected films will be presented in several categories, and the winners will receive statues, certificates of honor, and monetary prizes. The awards will be as follows:

- Best Works According to the Jury

- Special Section Awards

- Festival Supporters' Awards

How to Submit Your Film to the Festival
  1. Applicants should first register their work in the festival system at

  2. Then, they should upload the link of their work or the work itself in the festival system.
Festival Secretariat Phone: +98(21)77501095


Permanent Secretariat of the International Roshd Film Festival

September 2023 - Tehran